Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Smoke and fire" -markers using Led candles and cotton wool

I've seen some nice smoke & fire -markers made using led candles in the net and thought I'd give it a try. What do you think?

MVI 6405 from Mikko Asikainen on Vimeo.

- Take a small Led candle and remove the top if possible
- Take a bunch of cotton wool and knead it long enough that it becomes stiff and looks appropriate
- Attach the wool to the candle base using hot glue. You can add small bits of wool to any areas that need more.
-Give the marker a few puffs of black spray
-All done!


  1. How did you knead the cotton balls (wool)? This is such a cool idea and have given this old gamers (just restarting again) a lot of good gaming ideas.

    1. Actually I think it is polyester wool, not cotton wool. Anyway, I tossed away an old couch but salvaged the wool in one of the pillows. I take a generous fistful of the stuff which is too fluffy to handle wargaming use. I just start to rub it in my hands while watching tv or something and the woll starts to become stiffer and more condensed after you knead it for a few minutes. You can push the wool through holes that appear and so on. It's a difficult process to explain but quite intuitive when you do it yourself. You just need some patience. The end result might not look like a plume of smoke and there might be some unsightly holes of protusions in your wool, but here's where the hot glue gun becomes handy. The hot glue is used to "fix" any parts that didn't end up looking good. You can add pieces of wool to holes and attach any protusions into the plume bu adding a drop of hot glue and pressing the bit on the wool. Very easy to do, and a hot glue gun is quite cheap if you don't have on already.

  2. Thank you for Mikko for the quick answer and great video.