Saturday, May 3, 2014

My first Warmaster game

I finally got a chance to play Warmaster for the first time. We played a line-em-up battle using the half-painted orcs I bought recently and my opponents' Empire army.

You can definitely see the resemblance between Warmaster and Hail Caesar. Both game share a lot of elements, but are still quite different in some ways. I sometimes hear people say that HC makes Warmaster obsolete and you should just stick to Hail Caesar like it's a newer version of the same game but this really isn't the case. I like the way figure stands handle in this game and the way you can move with them without much hassle. Tinkering with formations is fun and there's no pain of paying wheeling costs etc.

Oddities in the rules include units that can make big, sweeping manoeuvers just by rolling good for their activation and combats being fought to the bitter end in one go, but apparently Warmaster Ancients again deals with these issues differently. Also, Warmaster feels less related to Warhammer Fantasy than Hail Caesar is, which is a bit funny considering the fluff.

Here are some crappy pics of the game. Commentary embedded in the images.

I tried retouching a strip of boar boyz to see if I can improve the paint job quickly. The models on the right took me about 4 minutes. Worth the effort?


  1. Everytime I see a Warmaster post I kick myself for not picking up a copy (WM Ancients) I saw in a hobby store right about the time they closed the specialist division.
    I would like so much to try WMA for samurai.

    1. Why not try to use the original fantasy rules for your samurai game? The rules themselves are not "fantastical" at all and all the magic, flying units etc. are handled in additional rules. Designing army lists should be straightforward as well since the different armies would use pretty much the same lists..

    2. You're probably right. I have them downloaded already and they also already have "Nippon" lists built.
      I also have HC.
      It's the whole "grass is greener" thing.

    3. I have the WMA rulebook too so I can give you pointers on what's been updated on the original once I get around to reading it. From the guy I played this game against I heard that supports are handled a bit different at least. Nothing to keep you from trying out the free fantasy rules though. Just get off your butt and read them ;)