Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project Mancave: Laying the foundation

Last week we made some concrete progress on the workshop.I had some friends and family over to help do the floor in my future mancave.

First we put down a layer of styrofoam to insulate the concrete from the sand bottom. Then an iron net was cast on top to bind the concrete nicely. The borders of the floor are likewise insulated to keep the concrete separate from the wall.
Mixing the cement.

Quite a few loads were carted in.

I was busy with my shovel outside while my father did all the stuff that actually require some skill.

And here's the end result after the floor has dried for a couple of days. It will take a few weeks for it to harden properly.

All in all it took maybe three to four hours to lay the concrete and smooth it, so it took less time than I thought. The materials for the floor cost something like 300 euros, we recycled some of the styrofoam put in the floor. The floor is now complete and the next steps will be to do the walls and the ceiling. The completion of the project is still far off, but getting the floor done was a big portion of the overall work.

Next weekend will be a treat as it's Warcon time and I will be traveling to Tampere for a full weekend of wargaming goodness. In other news, my blog statistics show me I have reached 2000 monthly hits for the first time. I'm happy people seem to enjoy my incoherent rambling.


  1. Looks great. Are you planning on putting flooring on top or keeping rough cement?

    1. Not at the moment. The surface is smooth enough that I think it will be easy to sweep, but if it looks like it gathers difficult-to-remove dust then I might do something about it.