Monday, August 5, 2013

A Hail Caesar division worth of Hoplite Greek done.

Here you go:

The back row hoplites are the same I showed you earlier but the "attacking" hoplites, the psiloi and the general are new. I actually did four additional stands of psiloi at the same time but it's just more of the same and they'll get their chance to have their photo taken after I finish the next batch.

For Hail Caesar, this set is enough for four standard units of hoplites, two small skirmisher units and a commander to lead them. Once I triple this I'll have quite a nice army to fight with. For Warmaster Ancients the situation is a bit worse as this is enough for just two and a half units of Hoplites and one of Skirmishers and I think I'd need 8-10 units of Hoplites at least. Anyway, it's a start.


  1. That looks great, wonderful sense of mass.


  2. Quality. Wouldn't fancy charging them on horseback!