Wednesday, May 22, 2013

GW discontinuing Specialist Games

Looks like the news has been around for a while and we've definitely expected it to happen but GW has dropped all of it's Specialist Games. No fanfares or rifle shots at the funeral, I can't even see an announcement about it on the GW pages. They just sell their remaining stock and then you'll have to start looking for Specialist games on Ebay if you want them. Looking at the GW webstore, a lot of the stock is already gone so if you are waking up late to the news like I was, better hurry and stock up on whatever you might still want.

Of course keeping the Specialist Games on their shelves wasn't probably profitable by GW standards but it sure is a pity seeing them drop the games which still had some tactical depth to them. They're even dropping Blood Bowl! Instead, they concentrate on releasing bigger and bigger plastic kits for their core ranges. Their new Eldar Wraithknight will stand only an inch shorter than the Forge World Warhound Titan. I guess you have to compensate the loss of Specialist Games somehow, har har...

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