Saturday, April 6, 2013

A couple of pictures from my early wargaming days

I started miniatures wargaming in 1998 through Warhammer fantasy. I had played HeroQuest and pen and paper roleplaying games before, but I had long had that itch towards Warhammer. After playing Warhammer: Dark Omen and getting a coupon for a free miniature I was lost. I found some old photos of my first Warhammer models and I thought I'd share.

My first army was Orcs & Goblins and they have remained close to my heart. I started during 5th edition but in this army shot there's already models from the 6th edition starter set. There's also a nice collection of terrain available. I think the first couple of years I played mostly with bits of cardboard on the table.

I sold off this army after being fed up with a few too many failed animosity rolls. Later I would regret selling that Marauder Giant, a mistake already remedied

Next we have a battle shot between those orcs and a Wood Elf army belonging to an old friend. This is pretty much the level of terrain I had for a long time. I guess my modeling has improved in the past 15 years, huh?

I really liked Warhammer siege games back then, and build that castle for it. I think the castle is still at my parents' house, intact. By the way, that Metallica poster was BAD. ASS.

My second army was a Vampire Counts army for Warhammer 6th edition. It was the first miniatures project I completed, and the first I entered into tournaments with. It was a powerful army and I'm still quite pleased with the figures.

Here they are fighting the wood elves again. I'm afraid the Wood Elf list during 6th edition didn't have a snowball's chance in hell against the Vampire Counts and my friend ended up losing the majority of his games against me. I didn't mind, I was having a competitive streak back then.

There was a period when I played Warhammer 40 000 too. I think I completed a 1000 point space marine army during the third edition, and played with some Tyranids and imperial guard without buying the armies (couldn't afford to). I ended up selling away all my 40K stuff after getting bored with the third edition rules.

Hmm. If I started Warhammer 15 years ago and I'm 30, I guess I've played for half of my life now. I didn't grow out of the toys after all..

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