Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marauder Giant

This is the 28mm scale giant by the late Marauder Miniatures. Back in the day it was the "official" giant figure for Warhammer Fantasy, and in my opinion is a great figure which makes the ugly plastic monstrosity they have today cower in shame. It is a big piece, standing some 12 centimeters tall and is all metal, giving it some weight.

I had one of these in the 90's, and in the folly of my youth, sold it away. I've regretted the decision for years, but managed to secure one last year. I'm not completely happy on how it turned out, the drybrushing on the shirt doesn't look good or neat, but I suppose it's just because I suck at painting miniatures. Anyway, I got a nice, warm feeling from getting to paint this one again, and it will be towering above my night goblins from now on.

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