Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas special

A different project this time. Me and my wife made a dollhouse for our god daughter for Christmas this year. I have lots of experience building miniatures terrain so I thought this wouldn't be that different, but working with wood and doind child-proof work presented it's own challenges. The almost-three-year-old recipient was quite happy with the results though. Have a merry Christmas everyone!

Cutting the components out of plywood in our bathroom. Great acoustics for the saw.

The finished basic structure. My wife did the painting on the piece.

The finished piece with wallpapers and a hinged roof revealing an attic.

I covered the ends of the board with a plastic railing.

The open attic with her name on the inside of the roof.

Testing it out. One of the window boards came loose after about 5 seconds of stress testing.

A positive verdict.

Also, boardgames! This is a co-op boardgame where the players try to pick all the fruit before the crow reaches the end of the "Doom track" and eats the fruit. Sort of like Arkham Horror for two year olds.

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