Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Genestealer Cult for Necromunda and Kill Team

I'm pretty sure these are the first GW models produced in the 2010's that I have painted. The previous "new" ones were for Space Hulk third edition. Back then, I left the Patriarch unpainted and used this opportunity to do him too. 

These should enable me to play all those new 40K skirmish games with modern figures. They painted up quite nice as a summer cabin project. 

As a whole, I think these models pay great homage to the old cultists. They're more a remake than a reimagining.

I like the rank and file neophytes. They really look like something that could pass as human.

My favourite mini of the group. A simple design that just looks good!

I tried out Vallejo chipping medium with this one. I like the chipping effect, but you really need the topcoat to be airbrushed on. When painting it on with a normal brush, the chipping medium activates and makes a mess of things. The figure is a necromunda Ambot with a cultist head converted in. The idea is that he's wearing a mining exoskeleton suit.

These were my least favourite of the bunch. Meshing the blue Genestealer carapace with rest of the model seemed hard.

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