Thursday, January 6, 2022

The long dark of Moria

I finished terrain and figures to play some Mines of Moria scenarios. Lots of work on foam and 3D printed parts. I even painted a bunch of Moria goblins which I was until lately very much determined not to do. I really don't like the sculpts at all. The original cave troll was decent, but the bulging eyes was something I'm not a fan of. Luckily I had an Isengard troll head I could swap the original one to, ending up with a much nicer figure. 









Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Joint Clone Wars / Stargrave project with my son

 I Started a Clone Wars project with my son, we're painting the figures jointly to a quick-to-paint standard and had our first game of Stargrave with them. The Clones were attempting to extract using an old cargo hauler but were attacked by droids. Just one clone made it to safety.